De-annexation Information

Explanatory Statement


The current corporate limits of the City of Electric City include four vacant parcels of land held or controlled by the United States and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. 

The property is unregulated recreational land and used for dry camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking.  In addition, nuisance activities on the property include dumping, burning shooting, underage drinking, and parties. 

Because of the property’s public ownership status, the property is not available for urban development and offers no tax base revenue to the City.  After consideration of the benefits and burdens associated with maintaining the property within the City corporate limits, the City Council has determined that the burden outweighs any benefits, and that the property should be considered for removal from the City corporate boundaries.

The City Council desires to submit the question to the voters at the special election to be held on February 13, 2024, whereupon should 60% of the voters favor removal of the property from the City corporate limits, the City Council shall adopt an ordinance adjusting the corporate limits of the City.  Maps of the current corporate limits and the proposed new corporate limits are available at City Hall in Electric City.

Proposed De-annexation parcels

The blue hashmarks are the proposed parcels to de-annex